Lev Snowe deliver a psych-pop jam that sounds ideal for slow dancing in your living room or on the floor in the middle of a show
— Greyowl Point


Since graduating high school, Lev Snowe has spent his days tinkering away in his bedroom studio building up his psychedelic Xanadu. Raised on the warm hiss of 70s soul jazz recordings, the slack chill of the L.A. beat scene, and the nostalgic synth swaying of Boards of Canada, this Canadian songwriter/producer creates an atmosphere that is both washed out and danceable — pensive, yet uplifting. And like a wandering mind spent cooped up all winter, Lev’s music never sits still for too long. Lush electronics bloom around shimmering guitars and the wonky grit of Mobb Deep era hip hop grooves, all while Lev’s wistful lyricism drifts hypnotically in and out of focus. A carefree soundtrack fit for chaotic house parties, or those endless summer nights spent escaping reality.


Snowe’s voice carries a similar psychedelic ease to that of John Lennon, if the latter had been born Canadian and drank tea with a lot of honey
— Stylus Magazine
Lev Snowe... crafts some beautiful numbers which further expand the quality of the [dream pop] genre
— Austin Town Hall